ParishPay Promotion Winners Receive Prizes


This past Christmas, parishes all across the country participated in ParishPay’s first ever Giveback Promotion, aimed at helping parishes encourage greater charitable giving during the holiday season via the ParishPay online donation platform. Many parishes saw increased donation amounts made to their church this year due to the ability to receive flexible donations online through ParishPay.

Every parishioner who set up a recurring donation to their church this holiday season was eligible
to receive one of 65 prizes, with the option to choose either an iPad or a $500 donation to Catholic
Charities USA in their name. The ParishPay team recently had the great pleasure of rewarding the 65
winning parishioners with their prizes.  We heard from many parishes that their members were excited about a chance to win prizes, and that they saw record donations made over the Christmas season.

ParishPay benefits parishes by partnering with them and bringing them an ePayment technology platform that makes donating and gathering donations easier and more flexible than traditional methods.  We’re proud to have the chance to encourage faith-based giving by offering fun and creative incentives like the GiveBack Promotion, and look forward to offering similar events in the future.

“We were thrilled that so many parishes were able to benefit from the ParishPay Giveback Promotion,”
said Matt Golis, CEO of ParishPay. “We look forward to furthering our relationship with the parishes and
really helping them fund their missions well into the future.”

If you or your church are interested in partnering with ParishPay to help reach your fundraising goals,
visit www.ParishPay.com.



Super Bowl Woes – How the Big Game Affects Your Church


This past Sunday, Feb. 3, 2013, marked the championship of all championships, the game of all games, the Super Bowl. Millions of football fanatics across the United States tuned in to the watch the San Francisco 49ers wage war with the Baltimore Ravens for the Lombardi Trophy. The Super Bowl shuts down the United States, with a vast number of people celebrating this storied tradition – even churches have been cancelling morning and night services due to lack of attendance. Some have even moved their services to Saturday to accommodate for Super Bowl Sunday in an attempt to keep up attendance. “We all love watching the big game, so for one weekend only we are moving our Sunday night service to Saturday night,” stated New Spring Church in South Carolina.

In theory, this change should be easy to manage if you are a regular church goer. However, we live in the real world and things don’t always go as planned. It’s impossible to attend both events at the same time, so churchgoers are torn between rooting for their team on Sunday in Super Bowl 47 and attending church. Things get even more complicated when you donate to your church every week, even sing in the choir, teach Sunday school, or are just a die-hard church goer.

If you are a member of your church’s staff, we understand that you care a great deal about keeping up attendance, spreading the word of the Lord, and making sure that your church is financially sound. When the Super Bowl comes around and you experience low attendance and minimal donations, we understand the negative effects those have on your church.

Super Bowl Sunday is a great time to remind your parishioners to use ParishPay.  Even if many members of your congregation didn’t attend service this past Sunday, with ParishPay you never have to worry about donations taking a dive. ParishPay can not only assist you on game day, but whenever members of your congregation are sick, on vacation, or encounter other inconvenient circumstances. Church members can still donate regularly every month or whenever they choose – whether or not they attend church on days like Super Bowl Sunday.


If you haven’t tried ParishPay yet, what are you waiting for? 

Check it out at www.ParishPay.com.



ParishPay is Increasing Catholic Giving with iPad Giveaway this Christmas

Christian Newswire:  WALNUT CREEK, Calif., Dec. 21, 2012 – ParishPay, the oldest, largest, and most secure electronic giving provider for dioceses, churches, and other non-profit organizations, released interim data today from its Giveback iPad Promotion, which runs through the end of 2012. The promotion was designed to help the parishes who use the ParishPay online platform to encourage greater charitable giving as the year draws to a close. Every parishioner who makes a recurring donation to their church using ParishPay before January 1st, 2013 will be entered to receive one of 65 iPad 3s – or, if they choose, a $500 donation made to Catholic Charities U.S.A. in their name.

ParishPay reports that during the first half of the promotion, donations increased by as much as 28% compared to the same time last year. Parishioners are renewing their dedication and support for their respective parishes and doing so electronically.The average American gave $2,100 to charitable organizations in 2010 and $2,400 in 2011; but in 2012, the average donation is expected to rise again to $2,564 according to a recent report by Philanthropy.org. Historically, Americans give more money to religious organizations than any other charitable group – approximately $95.88B in 2011 alone (Giving Center USA, 2012).

ParishPay is proud to lead the convergence of ePayment technology for these faith-based donations and assist all Americans with their commitment to charitable giving.”Online giving and recurring payment solutions like ParishPay make it easier and more convenient to support your parish,” says Matt Golis, CEO of ParishPay. “This Christmas we are providing a simple online platform to enable sustained giving while making it fun with our Apple iPad giveaway- it really is a win-win for all.”If you or your church are interested in using ParishPay’s eGiving solutions and participating in the Giveback iPad Promotion, please visit www.ParishPay.com.

Promotional Details:
The Give Back promotion is for any parishioner that makes a recurring donation using ParishPay between October 1 and December 31, 2012. All eligible parishioners will be entered to receive one of 65 new third generation iPads. Alternatively, a parishioner can choose to have ParishPay make a $500 donation to Catholic Charities USA in their name.To make a donation to your parish this month, or to find out if your parish is a part of the ParishPay network, simply go to parishpay.com/helpyourparish.asp. If your parish is not listed, recommend your parish to ParishPay by sending an informational email to Info@ParishPay.com.

About ParishPay:
Parish Pay is the oldest, largest and most secure electronic giving provider for dioceses, churches and other non-profit organizations. With the strongest technology and deepest experience in the industry, ParishPay works with parishes around the country to support their financial objectives through the use of online giving. For more information visit 



Online Presence is Crucial for Churches. Here’s Why.

According to a recent study, more visitors than ever are using the web to gather information about faith-based organizations. What does that mean for parishes? It’s important to be aware of your parishioner’s online needs and learn how to mazimize them.

The Nonprofit Times (9/2012) recently reported that according to a national survey of 1011 adults by Grey Matter Research in Phoenix, AZ, roughly 22 percent of Americans have visited a place of worship’s website in the last six months. The results were broken down into three groups: those who regularly attended that church’s service; those who attend another church’s service; and those who do not regularly attend service at any congregation.

• About 28 percent (approximately 21.5 million Americans) of parishioners visited their own congregation’s website in the past 30 days, and 44 percent (34 million) visited the site during the past six months.

• 13 percent of parishioners (10.4 million people) visited the website of a church other than their own congregation in the past 30 days, and 26 percent (21 million) did so over the past six months.

• Among non-churchgoers, 2 percent (1.6 million people) visited a church’s website in the past 30 days; 10 percent (10.6 million) visited one in the past six months.

The most common reason for visiting a church’s website (43 percent) was checking service times. 29 percent of people checked times for other activities such as special events and bible study groups, and 28 percent checked for a map or directions to the location. See below for all results:

Activities All Site Visitors Attend Worship Don’t Attend Protestant Catholic
Checked to see their time of services 43% 45% 36% 41% 59%
Checked to see what they offer(e.g. Bible studies, youth groups, events) 29 30 28 36 23
Checked for a map or directions to their location 28 27 31 22 34
Watched streaming video 26 27 20 28 23
Listened to streaming audio 26 27 22 31 17
Checked to see what their religious beliefs are 22 21 26 26 17
Requested prayer 18 21 9 23 20
Downloaded audio or video podcast 15 15 16 18 6
Checked what denomination or group they belong to 15 14 16 15 16
Sent a message to a pastor or leader 12 13 11 18 7
Posted on a forum or board 5 6 2 6 2


Ron Sellers, president of Grey Matter Research, said that it is critical for places of worship to understand who they are potentially reaching and what those people are seeking. “We randomly checked the websites of ten places of worship in the large city of Memphis and ten more in the small town of Grants Pass, Oregon. Although one of the most common things website visitors are looking for is a map or directions to the church location, we couldn’t easily find that information for about half of those twenty churches,” Sellers said. “In many cases, visitors to the website would have to click around on tabs such as Services, Contact Us, About, or New Here in the hopes of finding that information. Sometimes only an address was provided with no directions or map. In a few cases the desired information just couldn’t be found even with an extensive search. Such a basic thing that so many website visitors want, and yet it’s not clearly provided on many church websites.”

It’s also important for congregations to balance the need to reach out to those who don’t attend with the need to serve the current congregation. “In most cases, one website has to handle the loyal congregant who wants to find out what time the new Thursday night Bible study is, and the irregular church going visitor who may not have a clue whether there’s a difference between Unitarian and Baptist. Religious leaders need to evaluate their websites from both of these perspectives, because church website visitors are almost evenly split between those who are already involved in that church and those who are not, including millions each year who don’t attend any place of worship,” Sellers said.

If you have a web site for your church already, here are a few ways to increase your web presence:

• Thinking critically about your design and accessibility: do you make it easy to find directions and mass times on your site? Does the user flow make sense?

• Being conscious of your audience: do you offer information for both devoted community members and potential new parishioners?

• Connecting via social media: are you on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter? Do you provide links to those pages on your site and in parish emails?

• Do you make it easy to donate to your church directly from your site? ParishPay provides easy HTML “Donate” buttons, graphics and code snippets to apply to your web site and social media pages. If you need more help, our Account Managers are also always available to help any ParishPay parish enhance the donation options on their site. Check out http://www.parishpay.com or email us at info@parishpay.com.



The Season of Conscious Giving: How to Make the Most of Your Donations This Christmas

“Jesus looked up and saw the rich putting their gifts into the offering box, and he saw a poor widow put in two small copper coins. And he said, ‘Truly, I tell you, this poor widow has put in more than all of them. For they all contributed out of their abundance, but she out of her poverty put in all she had to live on.’” (Luke 21:1-4).

If you’re like many parishioners, you’re probably planning on making at least one charitable donation this Christmas season. You’re not alone; according to The Chronicle of Philanthropy, the average American gave $2,564 – 4.7% of of his or her income – to charity this year. And 50% of charitable donations are made between Thanksgiving and Christmas Day, with a whopping 87% of Americans making donations to charity during this period. (ImpactLab)

But not all donations are equally effective. Spreading out your donations among multiple recipients is not as beneficial as making a single, larger donation. For example, making two $50 donations is much more valuable to charity than making 50 donations of $2.

The culprit is (regrettably unavoidable) fixed transaction costs from the organization’s bank and processing providers, as well as the valuable time and manpower spent in processing and applying the donation. If the fee for each donation is, for example, $0.25, then on a single donation of $100, an organization loses only 0.3% of the total value. If that donation is spread out into 5 $20 transactions, however, then 13% of the total value is lost in transaction fees; and if it’s spread out into 100 $1 donations, a full 25% of the value is lost (for more info, see Freakonomics).

What’s the solution? Make a single electronic donation this year directly to your church, via ParishPay. Make a special one-time Christmas donation; then, if you haven’t already, sign up for online weekly or monthly giving throughout the year.  You’ll experience the peace of mind of knowing that your donations are going to an organization that you trust, while cutting back on unnecessary extra fees.

When you make a donation with ParishPay before the end of the year, you’ll also be entered to receive a special gift for yourself – one of 50 iPad 3s, or a $500 donation made to Catholic Charities USA in your name. Make a gift, get a gift!



ParishPay is Giving Back

This holiday season, ParishPay is giving back – when you make a recurring gift to your church with ParishPay, you’ll be eligible to receive one of 50 iPad 3′s or a $500 donation made to Catholic Charities USA in your name!

To make a gift, visit http://www.parishpay.com/giveback, or to learn more, check us out in Christian News Wire.



Yapstone Welcomes New CFO Mary Hentges!

We have more exciting news to announce today! ParishPay’s parent company, YapStone, would like to introduce our new Chief Financial Officer, Mary Hentges. Mary comes to us after previously working as the CFO for CBS Interactive for 2 years and the CFO for PayPal for 7 years. We couldn’t be more excited for what her experience and leadership will bring to YapStone. Welcome to the team, Mary! To read the full press release, click here.



ParishPay in the NY Times

ParishPay gets a mention as a “big player” in the New York Times’ article on church-based e-giving methods.  A great read – read the whole article here.



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